Audition results: See who’s in the LSO this year & important first rehearsal info

Thanks to all who auditioned for the LSO in recent days! We were so impressed by everyone’s playing, and we wish we could have accepted everyone. We’re excited to have so many new members.

The roster of musicians for this season has been posted. We may have additional openings for the spring concert so email if you may be interested in auditioning in January to play the second semester.

Key information for our members, both new and returning:

By accepting your position in the LSO, you are accepting the responsibility to commit to play all or nearly all rehearsals, and to practice outside of rehearsal in order to make this concert the best it can be.

Our first rehearsal is Sunday, September 14  at 7 p.m. in the Rehearsal Hall on the first floor of the U-M School of Music Moore Building. (The same building where auditions were held.)

This week and every week, please allow extra time for parking and walking from the main entrance downstairs to the Rehearsal Hall. (Fastest route: Go straight across the lobby and back outside to the outdoor staircase, then back inside at the bottom of the stairs. If you have a large instrument, use the elevators near the display cases to the right of the lobby.)

When you arrive in the Rehearsal Hall, look for your name on lists of seating assignments for each instrument. Please note that many woodwind and brass players will rotate into different chairs for each piece.

We will tune at 7 p.m. sharp, so please arrive in the hall NO LATER THAN 6:45 p.m. to claim your music, help set up and find your seat.

Please bring $50 in cash or check paid to U-M Life Sciences Orchestra to this rehearsal or one of the upcoming rehearsals. This is your member dues; you are welcome to give additional amounts as a gift to fund the orchestra further, and you will receive a tax receipt for the gift amount.

We will provide folders with music and LSO member handbooks at the first rehearsal. Or you can view the handbook online!

SPECIAL NOTE FOR ALL WINDS (woodwinds and brass): We have not yet received the parts for the Copland, Barber and Still pieces, and the Beethoven uses a small wind section. So, some wind players will not need to come to the Beethoven-only rehearsals in September and October, until the other music arrives from the publisher. However, we would like you to attend this Sunday’s rehearsal to read through the Beethoven and meet your section-mates.

We hope all wind players will help us continue the LSO tradition of covering parts for absent section-mates whenever possible. All wind players will receive copies of all the parts for all the pieces.

If you already know you will have to miss, or be more than 15 minutes late to, an upcoming rehearsal: please email to let us know so we can plan accordingly. Please also email this address with any last-minute absences or notices that you will be late for rehearsal.

This Sunday, the LSO Committee will bring snacks for everyone to have at the break. Starting next week, we will begin asking members of different sections to bring snacks.

First violins: It will be your turn on Sept. 21!

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