Donation-3-400wThe LSO raises all the funds to present two free public concerts each year. The LSO is one way in which the Gifts of Art Program brings art to life at Michigan Medicine. Gifts of Art programs are made possible through the generous support of grants, gifts and donations.

Please see these pages to learn more about giving:

Giving to the LSO

Giving to Gifts of Art

The LSO recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of this concert season:

Michigan Medicine ∙ Office of the Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs ∙ Gilbert S. Omenn & Martha A. Darling ∙ U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance ∙ University Productions ∙ Kenneth Kiesler ∙ Caterpillar ∙ Professional Volunteer Corps

To the following donors supporting this concert season, we say Thank you!

Kathleen M. Bergen ∙ Lara Bond ∙ David J. Brown ∙ William Burnham & Marcia J. Major ∙ Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. DeBusscher ∙ Doria Devare ∙ Jenna Devare ∙ Michael A. DiPietro & Alice J. Fishman ∙ Allen Duncan ∙ Kara & Sean Gavin ∙ Ellen Guise ∙ Ellen L. Janke & Ian H. Lewis ∙ Paul & Leah Kileny ∙ Stephanie Kim ∙ Eric S. Krukonis & Susan Murray ∙ Barbara M. Lamar & Terry K. Adams ∙ Sandra C. Larson & Scot Larson ∙ Michael & Janice Lukich ∙ Preeti Malani & Mark Zacharek ∙ Betsy Y. Mark ∙ Neil D. & Gwyn B. McKay ∙ Bernhard F. Muller & Donna M. Muller ∙ John M. Muller ∙ Louis & Julie Nagel ∙ Laura & John Napiewocki ∙ Christine C. Nelson ∙ Dr. & Mrs. Edward C. Norton ∙ Maxwell Radin ∙ Ulrich & Carolyn B. Raschke ∙ Malverne Reinhart ∙ Andrew H. Thomas & Catharina B. Miller ∙ Richard H. & Mary B. Price ∙ David E. Tunkel & Theda Kontis ∙ Alejandro Uribe-Ahumada ∙ Nancy E. Wallace ∙ Ayaka Yajima ∙ anonymous

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