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trumpet300-400hAll musicians interested in playing with the LSO must audition, even those who have played with us before. Admission to the LSO is decided by the music director, in consultation with the executive committee, and preference is given to those who have played with the orchestra in the past, those with a clear life sciences affiliation, and those whose playing ability meets our standards. Please see the FAQ for further information about the criteria for membership.

For your audition, please prepare a brief piece that showcases your playing, such as a movement from a concerto or sonata, or another suitable work. Please also plan to prepare the required excerpt for your instrument, BELOW.

Audition slots are 7 minutes long, and those interested in first chair may be asked to sight read an excerpt. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointed time to check in and warm up in the designated room. If you find that you cannot make your audition time, it is your responsibility to let us know and to arrange another time if we can accommodate it.

We will email all auditionees about the outcome of their audition by Sept. 15. Those chosen to take part in the LSO will pick up music at the member picnic on Sept. 15, or at the first rehearsal on Sept. 23. (See rehearsal schedule)

Audition signups are now open. Please sign up on this page, taking care not to choose a spot marked “Break”.

Auditions will be held on the second floor of the School of Music (Earl V. Moore) building on North Campus.

Sunday 9/9 11 am – 4 pm: Rooms 2058 and 2038

Monday 9/10 6:30 – 10:00 pm: Rooms 2026 and 2038

Tuesday 9/11 6:30 – 10:00 pm: Rooms 2026 and 2058

Wednesday 9/12 6:30 – 10:00 pm: Rooms 2020 and 2032










English horn


Bass clarinet


French horn


Bass trombone




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